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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Robert Jordan - The Gathering Storm -Book Twelve of The Wheel of Time

As fans of Robert Jordan and his epic series,
The Wheel of Time know, Robert passed
away in 2007.

Robert Jordan's dedication to his work
and to his fans was not forgotten in his last
days, as he wrote events for the finale of
the series.

Robert's request to his wife to find someone
to complete his work, his notes, outlines and
dictated explanations, have ensured that the
author chosen, Brandon Sanderson, has been
able to continue Jordan's work.

Book Twelve of the Wheel of Time has been
eagerly awaited by fans, and now that Twelve
has been completed, Thirteen and Fourteen
(the final volume) will be no less eagerly
looked forward to.

I've finished book twelve and it was every
bit enjoyable as the first.

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