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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ranger's Apprentice Book 5 - The Sorcerer of the North by John Flanagan

Grim tidings from the Norgate in the north send the
Ranger Will on a quest to sort out fact from fiction. Tales
of foul sorcery are abroad in the land frightening the folk
far and wide.

It's not just the common folk who are worried. There's
trouble at the Castle Macindaw as well. Someone is using
withcraft or sorcery...or poison to eliminate Norgate's
rulers, but who?

Ranger Will parades as a jongleur to find out. Aided by his
friend Alyssa, his faithful Tug and a new friend, Will begins
the task of unraveling the schemes and mystery surrounding
Castle Macindaw.

The series of Ranger's Apprentice continues to be age
appropriate for teen and pre-teens alike, but even adults
appreciate a well written tale.

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The Fire by Katherine Neville

Katherine Neville is the author of "The Eight" about
a mystical chess set created in Baghdad and owned by
the Emperor Charlemagne. "The Eight" is the beginning
of the tale which culminates in "The Fire."

Mystery and power surround the chess pieces and
many lives and loves have been lived, won, or lost in
the pursuit of, or in the safe- guarding of them.

Amid the puzzle and clues that lead to the locations of
the chess peices, Alexandra Solarin has to follow the
sinister game.... to it's end.

Katherine Neville's web site: katherineneville.com

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