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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Magician's Apprentice - Trudi Canavan

A delightful find is Trudi Canavan's "The Magician's

Trudi Canavan, an Australian writer, is the author of
The Black Magician Trilogy, which includes:
The Magician's Guild, The Novice and The High Lord.

The Magician's Apprentice is set within the world
of the triology, where magic, medicine, and war mingle.

Tessia is the daughter of the village Healer. Unbeknownst
to herself and others, Tessia is a "natural." A magician of
natural ability. Upon the discovery of her hidden talents,
Tessia's life changes beyond her belief. Fighting against
prejudice and ignorance Tessia learns to control her
magical gift and how to use it in healing and helping

Jayan is close to reaching his goal of full fledged magician
with Lord Dakon as his mentor and teacher. At first his
disdain for Tessia is due to having to share his teacher,
although later he will come to understand Tessia's
drive and reasoning towards her goal of melding
magic and healing.

Takado of the Sachakan people is a vicious killer. His
goal in life is to conquer and rule the Kyralian lands
and enslave their people.

Vora is a young woman who's mother is of Elyne and
her father a Sachakan. Used to the freedom of
women under the Elyne's, Vora seeks her father's
approval and wishes to help in his trade. Yet all
she finds is disappointment, an arranged marriage
and a different type of slavery.... until she is able
to use her magic to further not only her cause, but
that of other downtrodden women.

Their lives intersect in a time of war and the
outcome changes them forever.

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