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Monday, October 04, 2010

The Way of Kings - Briand Sanderson

Brian Sanderson is acclaimed for his own works, but also for
being chosen to, ,and completing, the late Robert Jordan's
"Wheel of Time" series.

The Stormlight Archive, by Brian Anderson, with book one,
"The Way of Kings," begins with intriguing plot lines that
intertwine until characters in each meet. Thus then, does the
story build to its central theme.

A force more malevolent than the petty wars between
races faces those who occupy the world of Roshar.

Those destined to fight them gather one by one amid the
chaos of war, the surreptitiousness of betrayal, poison,
assassination and various nefarious plots.

By Brent Weeks

The Black Prism is full of characters who embody, indeed,
emit light as easily as others breathe. The descriptions of
how the colors of light, the differences and how it is achieved
for the purposes of personal use or weaponry are throughout
the tale. The descriptions left me skipping those parts and
going on ahead to the main story line.

The tale was interesting, but of the two books I found the first,
The Way of Kings, more enjoyable.

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