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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christopher Paolini

Profling Christopher Paolini:

A self publishing success story. A young man, aged 22 has a hit on his hands. Not just one hit, but three, and the last book in the trilogy isn't complete yet.

The Inheritance Trilogy consists of Eragon, the first book in the trilogy. Eldest is the second. The final volume is being currently worked on.

There is also a movie in the works which will be released next summer, 2006 based on the Inheritance Trilogy.

Christopher Paolini was home schooled and graduated at age 15, at which age he began writing his trilogy. What flowed from his pen and imagination is a trilogy that many will enjoy re-reading in years to come.

Christopher Paolini has said that he did the writing as a hobby and never intended to be published. Thank goodness his family changed his mind! I feel Christopher
is a story teller, and good at it. Nay, excellent.

After revisions, Christopher gave the story Eragon to his family to critique. Christopher's family helped him to self publish and promote the Inheritance books.

In one of those unexpected events, a published author's stepson bought a copy of the self published book, Eragon. As the old cliche says, the rest is history. Author Carl
Hiaasen's publisher, Alfred A Knopf was made aware of the first book, Eragon. Knopf acquired the rights to the Inheritance Trilogy.

I will be collecting the Trilogy, as well as the movie once it's released. If you'd like to know more about the Trilogy visit http://www.alagaesia.com .

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

John Flanagan - Ranger's Apprentice

John Flanagan:

Although John Flanagan's tale "Ranger's Apprentice" has been denoted as a children's book by some, I found it quite enjoyable reading for any age. The
Ranger's Apprentice is listed as Book I, "he Ruins of Gorlan."

It's a tale of the adventures of a young orphaned boy named Will. At a certain age all the orphans under the shelter of the castle owner go to be apprenticed to
someone in a particular career field so to speak. Will wants to go to battleschool but ends up being chosen as a Ranger's apprentice. His adventures, personal
growth and journeys begin because of that choice.

If you like Lord of the Rings or King Arthur tales, perhaps you'll like this one too.

I'll be reading the sequels to this tale.

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Elliott Pattison

Profiling ELliot Pattison:

Elliot Pattison's stories aren't conventional mysteries. Many mysteries are fast paced whodunits, where one races through the pages to the end to the end of the case.

Elliot's books offer a different pace. An enjoyable, leisurely pace. Suited to the Tibetan mountains in which the stories are set. "Skull Mantra" was Elliot's first book. Beautiful Ghosts was his most recent.

The first of Elliot Pattison's books that I read were "Water Touching Stone" and "Bone Mountain." Although I was reading for enjoyment, as I read there were pieces of information long the way that made me curious enough to look them up
once I was finished. So in a sense I was educated along the journey about Tibet, the monks and the people of Tibet, beyond what I already knew.

Elliot Pattison's books have mystery, murder, political intrigue and something more for those willing to embark upon the journey with him.

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Monday, December 05, 2005

Reginald Hill - "The Stranger House"

Reginald HIll:
I've just read "The Stranger House" by Reginald Hill. I am a fan of Hill's Dalziel and Pascoe books with Yorkshire cops, mayhem, murder and descriptive text. The stranger house is a departure from the law and order books. Although this book setting could have taken place anywhere in the British Isles where the ambiance is the same, Hill set the story in Cumbria, England. He should be quite familiar with the setting, he lives in Cumbria. Hill's Dalziel and Pascoe books have been turned into a series by the BBC and are enjoyable.

Although I wanted to know what happened to the characters, I felt the resolution of the story was somewhat anti-climatic. No, I didn't expect the ending to be wrapped up in furbelows, geegaws and silk ribbons into a pretty tale. Life's events are sometimes anti-climatic no matter how we may have felt at the time.

However, Hill left a small sting in the tail of the story. That part can make one wonder just what does chart our paths and why it is two people will meet across the earth never having had a connection with each other.

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