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Monday, January 30, 2006

Meow's Guest Entry

I just read Sharon Rocha's book, "For Laci." Great book - the absolute best of the Peterson books - probably because she didn't rush it to print.

Debbie Macomber:
I started reading another book - this one fiction:
"Between Friends" by Debbie Macomber, paperback, published 2002 by Mira,
ISBN: 1-55166-674-X

My best friend gave me this book to read on a plane. I started reading it in the
airport last night and finished it the next morning. It's a paperback of 400 pages,
entirely consisting of written correspondence between two friends, and their lovers,
parents, and personal diaries.

For an excerpt, see here:


I can't begin to tell you how much Iloved this book!! The two friends
are of my generation, both born in 1948, one from a family of privledge,
and the other from a large poor family riddled with abuse and alcoholism.
The correspondence takes you through 50 years of a remarkable friendship.
If you've ever had a best friend, you can relate. If you've not been
so fortunate, it makes you wish you had.

It was published in 2002, and might be out of print, but Amazon has it:


It has a 5 star rating!
And you can buy it cheap!

Historical events are mentioned and it's interesting to note how the characters react to history unfolding. Anyone old enough to remember JFK's assination can relate to this book. And if you are younger, it may help you understand your
mother. And if you were raised Catholic, all the better!

Now run out and buy it. And keep a box of tissue handy while you're reading!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Authors Scott Oden and Christopher Reichs

This past week I've read several books, among them Science Fiction, a Mystery, a Suspense Thriller and a Historical Novel.

Scott Oden's "Men of Bronze" is a Historical Thriller set in Ancient Egypt during the time when the power of the Pharoah waned and the Persians waxed strong and conquered the land of Egypt. An ancient battle, a storyline set in a time of Egypt that most authors do not set their stories in. I found the book had rich detail and each character brought something to the story.

Scott's second book Memnon will be released in August 2006. I'll be reading that as well. Scott runs his own blog and website if you'd be interested in seeing what these
books and their author is about.


I enjoy well written Historical Novels. Especially if the author can invoke a sense of place and time for the reader.

Christopher Reichs writes suspenseful thrillers. I discovered Christopher's books last year at the library. The first was "Numbered Account." The lead character
embarks upon a quest to find out who killed his father, and why his father was brutally murdered 17 years before. The trail leads to his father's employer, the
United Swiss Bank. The story takes one through the financial wheeling and dealing of the mightiest of Swiss banking and across the European terrain before it's conclusion.

I don't normally read books about high finance but this author knows the financial world, and has made the story interesting enough that even I found it an enjoyable

His second book I've read was "evils Banker." This story dealt with Forensic Acounting. Following the money trail to find and deal with the shadowy group planning another high level terrorist tragedy. The reader is transported
through France, Germany and Saudi Arabia, from Pakistan to Europe before the unmasking of the story's ending.

Christopher Reich has another book, "atriot's Club"which I read this week. It's more of a political thriller, another type of book I usually do not read unless there's something intriguing about the plot. Patriot's Club has it's roots in earlier America with tentacles reaching into the modern USA. Conspiracies, plots and power. It has it all.

Christopher has two other books that I haven't read as yet. The First Billion, and The Runner.


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Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Authors Stuart Hill and Elizabeth Kostova

New Authors:

Stuart Hill - "The Cry of the Icemark"

From Leicester, England, Stuart Hill is a former teacher. This is Stuart Hill's first book and it is age appropriate for young teens as well as adults. Chicken House Publishing Ltd. has informed me that there will be a sequel released in the fall.

The young teen girl who inherits her father's tiny kingdom is hardpressed to defend her people in the face of a formidable foe's army. She embarks on a mission to gain allies from those who have been enemies of her kingdom. A young warlock, vampiric foes,
werewolf allies, animals that talk, forest tree people and a tribe administered by women are among the characters in this book.

Elizabeth Kostova - The Historian

Elizabeth Kostova is a Yale Graduate and also holds an MFA from University of Michigan, where she won the Hopwood Award for the Novel-in-Progress.

"The Historian" is Kostova's debut novel. I found it quite good. In the past I've read "Dracula," by Bram Stoker, the Anne Rice novels and others that dealt with vampires. Although I've not read any of that type for eons, this book caught my eye. It's not for the bad Vlad that I read it. It was the main characters, their
struggles and their journeys, as well as the manner in which the story was told that sparked my interest. Elizabeth Kostovoa is a story teller and she weaves and blends ancient with modern in a cohesive tale. I'll be watching for other books by Kostova in future.

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Monday, January 02, 2006

Sharon Rocha - For Laci A Mother's Story of Love, Loss, and Justice

"She deserves to be remembered for her life,
not her death."

Sharon Rocha:
Today I purchased For Laci by Sharon Rocha. Sharon is the mother of Laci Denise
Peterson. Laci and her unborn son Connor, was murdered by Laci's husband.

It was a very riveting read. So much so, that I read the book from cover to cover without once putting it down.

A poignant, from the heart telling of Laci's story. Sharon answers some of the questions that I personally had while following news reports of what happened to Laci and her family. Sharon also corrected several things that were misreported, as well as highly speculated about among message board forum posters. There were questions that many not connected directly to the tragedy had. Sharon Rocha
voiced or thought some of those same questions.

For those who might say Sharon Rocha is another in a line of those who wrote a book about Laci's death and the trial of her husband to cash in. You're wrong. Proceeds go to a fund established for search and rescue. No one else could tell about Laci's life, and her death as her own mother could. No one else could provide the insight into how Sharon Rocha felt throughout this horrible tragedy, than Sharon herself.

For Laci is at times a roller coaster of emotion, at others the telling of plain fact, and yes, laughter amid the sorrow.

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