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Monday, February 06, 2006

Mary Doria Russell - A Thread of Grace

Mary Doria Russell:

I've read many books about WWII from battles to individual, personal stories of members of the various Resistance movements in different countries, to accounts of bravery shown by ordinary citizens.

"A Thread of Grace," by Mary Doria Russell was not only well researched, but also well written. This historical novel was riveting.

Although the story is fictional, it is based on real events and things that occurred during the war and profiles the various lives and courage of it's characters.

Set primarily in Italy, the story profiles those everyday citizens who looked beyond themselves and saw people, other humans like themselves who needed help and responded, even at the cost to themselves, their families, their communities and even
their faith.

This was the first book of Mary Russell's that I've read. I intend to find and read her other books, The Sparrow and The Children of God.

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Friday, February 03, 2006

Amy Tan - Saving Fish from Drowning

Profiling Amy Tan:

I've just finished reading Amy Tan's "Saving Fish from Drowning."

It's been called a departure for Amy, and having read some of her other books,
I can agree with that statement.

The story ranges from the shores of the U.S. through China and into Burma, now
known as Myanmar. 12 American tourists, 13 if you count the ghostly narrator, blunder
their way through cultural misunderstandings and consequences.

For those of you who are Amy Tan fans, a very interesting side note which I've just learned.

Amy Tan along with numerous other published authors have a Rock Band. Yes, a Rockin' the house band. They do play gigs. If you're interested in the authors who are in the band, you can read about them at this site http://www.horrorking.com/rockbottom.html or google the name of the band, The Rock Bottom Remainders.

Dave Barry: lead guitar, vocals
Tad Bartimus: Remainderette
Lorraine Battle: wardrobe
Roy Blount, Jr.: Critics Chorus, master of ceremonies
Bob Daitz: tour manager
Bob Dannic: universal crew, driver
Michael Dorris: percussion
Carole Eitingon: concessions, merchandising
Jim England: guitar technician
Robert Fulghum: mandocello, vocals
Kathi Kamen Goldmark: Remainderette
Matt Groening: Critics Chorus
Hoover (Chris Rankin): production manager, sound engineer
Josh Kelly: drums
Stephen King: rhythm guitar, vocals
Tabitha King: tour photographer
Barbara Kingsolver: keyboards, vocals
Al Kooper: musical director, guitar, keyboards, vocals
Greil Marcus: Critics Chorus
Dave Marsh: Critics Chorus
Mouse (Danny Delaluz): keyboard/drum technician
Ridley Pearson: bass guitar, vocals
Jerry Peterson: saxophone
Joel Selvin: Critics Chorus
Amy Tan: Remainderette
Jimmy Vivino: keyboards, vocals
Dave Worters: bus driver

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