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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bernard Cornwell

Ursula LeGuin:
I was able to obtain the other books in the EarthSea series by Ursula LeGuin. The Tombs of Atuan (which the movie was based on) and Tehanu. I've enjoyed reading the books and comparing them to the movie.


Profiling Bernard Cornwell:
At present I'm reading Excalibur written by Bernard Cornwell. Although British, Bernard Cornwell lives in Cape Cod, USA. He's written numerous books which were International bestsellers, in addition to his Sharpe series.

Apparently Excalibur is the final volume of "The Warlord Chronicles." "The Winter King and Enemy of God" are the other two books in this series.

Bernard Cornwell provides one with a very different tale of King Arthur, his life, the times, and those around him. It's a graphic rendition of the way life was
during the times. It's well written and I shall look for the other two in the series.


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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Frances Mayes- Under the Tuscan Sun

Frances Mayes:
I enjoy Frances Mayes' writing. The book's setting and the ambiance are appealling.
Her books are like reading a good friend's journal.

Frances Mayes is a former Professor of Creative Writing, Chair of the the Department of Creative Writing, as well as Director of the Poetry Center at San Francisco State University.

Her book Under the Tuscan Sun is in my collection as is Bella Tuscany. Both books became International Best Sellers and have been translated into 14 languages.
Under the Tuscan Sun also became a movie. The movie, a romantic comedy, is also in my collection.

Under the Tuscan Sun tells of her impromptu decision to purchase an aging Italian villa and restore it. The recipes interspersed between stories of trial and error in restoration, in another language, another country, and with a spirt and heart willing to take a chance is a most enjoyable read.

Frances and her husband, Edward Mayes, are both poets. Together they have published "In Tuscany" which is filled with photos and descriptions of bella Italy.

Frances Mayes has several books out which I intend to read. Some of her latest include "A Tuscan Home," (A photography book about cooking and decorating,) and "A Home in the World," (a book that explores what it takes for foreigners to feel at
at home in different countries.)

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Ursula LeGuin - Phil Rickman

I've read several books these last weeks and I have another stack to happily browse

Profiling Ursula LeGuin:

Although referred to as a Trilogy,the Earthsea series of books are a quartet.

The movie Earthsea, was picked up by the Sci-Fi channel and made into a series. It is an enjoyable fantasy movie for adults and children alike. I was intrigued by the story after I'd read that the author, Ursula LeGuin had written other books that make up the Earth Sea series.

I went in search of Ursula LeGuin's books. I was able to find A Wizard of Earthsea and The Farthest Shore. The first and a middle book on the series. I enjoyed both books, and am now in search of the others namely, the Tombs of Atuan (which the movie was based on) and Tehanu.

Profiling Phil Rickman:

A British mystery, The Smile of a Ghost tells an intriguing tale that intertwines
among various characters, among them, Church of England's female vicar,
a retiring policeman, a budding rock star and an aging one.

Phil Rickman uses historical locations and folklore in his books. In this one, I learned about what most would call an anachronism, still in existence within the Church of England.

Phil Rickman in his own words about this book and central character in the series:

" I keep being told I've invented a new sub-genre: contemporary crime mysteries
with a cautious element of the paranormal. My central character is Merrily Watkins,a
woman vicar who is also Deliverance Consultant for the Diocese of Hereford, which includes a slice of Mid Wales. Deliverance is the Church's new word for exorcism, and every diocese has at least one minister specialising in paranormal investigation. Many people don't believe this, but it's true, and I often contact a particular Deliverance minister in Powys for technical advice. I like to think the series is highly authentic."

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