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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Antonio J. Mendez - The Master of Disguise

Profiling Antonio J Mendez:

The Master of Disguise, My Secret Life in the CIA written by Antonio J. Mendez with Malcolm McConnell, was a very intriguing read.

The people, events, techniques and props chronicled by Tony Mendez in his book seem straight out of a James Bond movie. Yet they were very real.

Although any book written by a former member of any of the security agencies is heavily vetted by the agency and their legal eagles, this book remains a fascinating look behind the public veil.

Mendez provides a glimpse into what happens on location in the field for agents and the back office machinations of the head honchos over a 25 year career in the Agency.

With all kudos to the Canadian Government who actively helped, participated and co-operated in Tehran back in 1980 to help American hostages, the true story about who helped 6 Americans escape the turmoil is revealed.

A very fascinating read, told in a style that's neither condescending, nor braggart, this book definitely held my attention.

Update: October 2006, Spy Dust: Two Masters of Disguise Reveal the Tools and Operations That Helped Win the Cold War was co-written with his wife Jonna Mendez, also involved in the intelligence field. "The Washington DC Commission for the Arts recently purchased seven of his paintings of Washington DC for their permanent collection. Both are consultants for the CBS television series The Agency, and are board members of the International Spy Museum, in Washington, DC."


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Hollywood Biographies

In the past weeks I've read many books, among them The Davinci Code and several other mysteries.

I've also ventured into reading Biographies again. I'm currently reading Robert Mitchum "Baby, I don't Care" by Lee Server.

Last week I read Dino "Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams" by Nick Tosches, and Mo'Nique, Notes of a BIG GIRL in a Small-Minded World, Skinny Women are
Evil by Mo"nique and Sherri A. McGee.

I've watched Mo'Nique's performance on television when she was hosting Live at the Apollo and she made me laugh then as she did with things she said in her book.

But the most intriguing Biography I read this week has been The Master of Disguse by Antonio J. Mendez, which I will profile in my next entry.

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