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Thursday, August 31, 2006

John Marco

Author News:
Scott Oden's Men of Bronze and now Memnon, both set within the ancient world, were very enjoyable. If you like reading historical dramas these two books might be to your taste. Scott Oden is currently working on a third book.

Scott Oden

Profiling John Marco:
John Marco's The Eyes of God, the Devil's Armor and the Sword of Angels trilogy are a fascinating treasury of characters, events, magic, political intrigue and war.

If you enjoy fantasy and magical stories that bring you into a world an author has created, that is at once familiar and yet strange, you might enjoy this trilogy. It's a tale of heros and heroines who are ordinary people and some who are not so

I've just learned that Marco has a previous trilogy Tyrants and Kings, which I have intend to read as soon as I can. Another John Marco book I've heard mention of is a stand alone book, The Black Mirror.

John Marco is interested in psychology, in fact has studied in the field. It's clear from an interview he's done previously that what he has learned has made it's way into the plotlines of his books. All of which, has made reading his books a pleasure.

John Marco
Fantasy Node

Update: October 2006, I purchased the Tyrants and Kings trilogy and enjoyed them as much as I did his other books.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

John Flanagan: The Burning Bridge, Sequel to Ranger's Apprentice

Since my last entry, I've read several more biographies, mysteries, fantasy and other factual books. Among them a biography on Gold Meier, a series of books by Jack Higgins and the sequel to a book previously profiled.

John Flanagan:
John Flanagan's first book, Ranger's apprentice is followed by it's sequel "The Burning Bridge." It too was enjoyable and the readers are left with a cliffhanger so we'll read the next one to find out what happens.

The lead character Will, and his friend Horace meet up with a young lady whom they intend to escort back to safety, in the midst of a very terrible war.

Among their escapades, Horace, a novice battle soldier, manages to kill the man synonymous with evil, who has waged war against the kingdom for decades.

The young lady isn't who she says she is, and helps Will to burn an important bridge, over which the enemy is coming to terrorize the land. She and Will are kidnapped by mercenaries fighting for the dark and evil enemy and are taken aboard a ship bound for their land.

Will's mentor arrives just in time to see them taken on board and the ship to sail. He bellows to Will to "stay alive." He promises them that no matter how long it takes, he'll find them. He has no idea if they heard him.


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