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Thursday, September 07, 2006

A trek into fantasy

Patricia A. McKillip:

Patricia A. McKillip's book "Song for the Basilisk" is a story that starts with a child rescued from the ashes of his family's deaths and that of their home. It's a story of music, treachery,and an ending that's unexpected.

Patricia McKillip has written many children's books and is a World Fantasy Award- winning author for a number of highly-acclaimed fantasy novels, including the Riddlemaster Trilogy.

Fantastic Fiction ~ Patricia McKillip
Books n Bytes ~ Patricia McKillip
Patricia McKillip

Fred Saberhagen:

Fred Saberhagen's book "Merlin's Bones" drew me in. At first, the flipping back and forth between past and future had me wondering just where the story was leading. As I reached the end I could see relevancy of the tactic. The ending twist brings the reader full circle.

The struggle between Morgan le Fey, Mordred and the Fisher King in their goal of recovering Merlin's bones and thus his power, is chronicled within the story.

Saberhagen's work of Fantasy and Science Fiction has caught the imagination of
readers for a number of decades and still reels them in.


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