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Monday, August 27, 2007

During my long hiatus away from the blog, I've engaged
in a personal book reading marathon. Practically every
day a new book was on the table or being brought to it.
(My husband also has the habit of beginning to read a book
that I'm not finished with!!! Grrr) So sometimes we're
competing to see who finishes it first.

Although the science fiction or fantasy genres never really
interested me through out my teenage years I've come to
enjoy certain authors and their books immensely. If asked
what my overall favorite genre would be, I'd now be hard
pressed to answer. For as long as I can remember I've
always liked Mysteries more than any genre available.
Romance stories.. eh. Give me action/adventure and a
bit of the romance mixed in, and that's okay. Harlequin
Romances were books my aunt had, and I read out of
SHEER BOREDOM. But hey, other people really enjoy

I think the foray into Sci-Fi/Fantasy genres started
when our teen daughter had to read the Lord of the
Rings series for a school project in high school. We'd
bought the paperback versions for her, yet I'd
never read them.

While re-arranging our books some years ago, I picked
them up and peeked. Having enjoyed the books, when
the movie came out, I was ecstatic. The magic of the
characters coming to life off of the pages of the books
by Tolkien is wonderful. It only adds to our enjoyment
of the series and now our collection now includes the
entire dvd set of the Lord of the Rings, including the
musical score.

Once I'd read LOTR, the dog eared copy of Dune
which had been lying on the bookshelf unread by
me for decades caught my eye and I was hooked.
I became a Dune fan after only the first book
in the series. Over time I've been collecting each
book of the Dune series, as well as LOTR.

While gorging myself on books recently, I happened
upon some books at the library that were very old,
very small and very worn. They're worn because they
are well read. So while scarfing every possible
Sci-Fi book that sounded half way decent to read
I scooped up several of Robert Adams books from
the Horse Clan series. I had to wait for several others
but I've finally gotten to read those, and I've added
his books to the list I have of authors/books I want to
collect for our personal home library.

The Horse Clans series takes place within the U.S.
but in a time and as unlike anything we currently
know. It's our continent, but in the distant future,
after a cataclysmic event. People have slowly
banded together into clans, tribes or other groups,
some nomadic, others ensconced into what passes for
cities built upon ruins of known cities today. Fuedal
style Lords are in charge of large areas or of peoples.

DUNE: The Sandworms of Dune. Yes! It's out and
I've read it. The story begun long ago with the novel
Dune has come full circle and what a finish it is! Yes.
It's a teaser, and I'm not going to tell you anymore at
this point. I don't want to spoil it for all of the Dune fans
who haven't gotten to read it yet.

UPDATE: If you don't want a SPOILER, stop reading!
Sandworms of Dune brings the ending full circle
back to the beginning, in a manner of speaking.

The "final" Kwisatch Haderach turns out to be the
one person you might not have had an inkling would
turn out to be!

Characters you thought were dead and gone are
again alive and their place in the universe has

That's all the spoilers I'm going to post! Enjoy!

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