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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bruce Feiler - Walking the Bible

Walking the Bible, A Journey By Land Through The Five Books of Moses written by Bruce Feiler.

I've just begun reading this book and find it fascinating. Having walked the streets of Ephesus and other Biblical sites while living in Turkiye, Feiler's travels through the Middle East are of particular interest to me. Although I was unable to visit Mount Ararat and other locations mentioned in the book I've read extensively about many of them. His descriptions of the sights, sounds and details of the cities and landscapes along the way are of how they exist today. Yet, having traveled in Turkiye, I can personally attest that once you are there, it's easy to wonder and try to evoke in your own mind how it would looked or have been long ago, long before any modern age.

Bruce Feiler, accompanied by renowned Archaeologist Avner Goren, traveled through war zones, multiple countries and continents while retracing Biblical locations. Feiler was attempting to answer his personal query "Is the Bible just an abstraction or is it a living, breathing entity?"

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Halloween Greetings

Pats wishes you all a safe and Happy Halloween!

New entries at CMM

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Joseph Kanon

Joseph Kanon, author of both Los Alamos and Prodigal Spy has written a historical murder novel titled "The Good German."

In the days of 1945 Berlin, amidst the rubble, the deprivation on one side and excess on the other, a Press Correspondent Jake Geismar is searching for his pre-war love. During this quest, an American soldier is murdered and Jake begins to follow leads, not for just a story to file, but in a personal search for answers and for a measure of justice.

His personal and professional search soon become intertwined and rife with complications.

"The Good German" depicts murder, love, espionage, intrigue and the beginnings of the Cold War all set within descriptions of physical devastation and moral dilemmas not only of the city, but of its people and those who conquered it.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Deep Storm

Deep Storm by Lincoln Child is packed with intrigue.
Deep below the North Atlantic oil platform two miles
down on the ocean floor, a sophisticated scientific
research facility has been built amid high level
secrecy and security. Cutting edge technology and
comfortable living surroundings for it's inhabitants
makes the facility liveable so far under the water.

Billed to the main character, Dr. Crane, as archaelogy
work to recover Atlantis artifacts, the truth
is much more sinister. What exactly has been found in
the deep? Who on this earth, if they were from this
earth, would have been capable of placing it there?

A directive for Dr. Crane to find out what is making the
facility inhabitants ill is stymied until he learns
more about the mysterious objects being excavated
and studied.

Saboteurs are determined to see that the facility fails
and all within it are at great risk from death, not merely
from the tons of pressure against the hull of their home
among the deep ocean creatures.

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Dominick Dunne

If you're a true crime aficionado,
ever followed a high profile trial,
especially celebrity trials, you might be
familiar with Dominick Dunne.

Dominick Dunne writes for Vanity Fair
and has written both fiction and non-fiction
books. I've read "The Two Mrs. Grenvilles,
A Season in Purgatory, An Inconvenient Woman"
and I enjoy his writing style.

Crimes, Trials and Punishments, which
is a compilation of nine trials which
Dominick Dunne has attended or written about.

The first chapter in the book is about Dominique
Dunne, Dominick's beloved daughter, and the
trial of her killer John Sweeney. He documents
the travesty of the trial, the mockery of
justice that occurred.

Among the trials in the book are those of
Claus Von Bulow, the Menendez brothers,Lyle
and Erik, Marvin Pancoast (murderer of Vickie
Morgan,former mistress of Alfred Bloomingdale)
and of course, Dunne's experiences during the trial
of Orenthal James Simpson for the murders of Ron
Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.

Dunne provides a behind the scenes
look at commentary both by strangers and
those connected to, or on the periphery of
the trials. Dominick's wry and forthright
style and unapologetic attitude towards
those who kill make this book (and others)
a fascinating read.

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