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Monday, September 22, 2008

James Rollins

SANDSTORM by James Collins is an excellent read
and both of us enjoyed it very much.

Painter Crowe, a likeable character in several of
James Collin's books, is also present in this novel.
A covert operative and head of a team of counter
espionage elite, Painter finds himself assigned to
find the cause of a mysterious explosion at the
British Museum in London.

Caught up in a race against the shadowy Guild,
Crowe accompanies Safia Al-Maaz and Lady
Kara Kensington and their team as they follow
the clues from London and through the Arabian
desert to the lost city of Ubar.

This novel has all the elements that make up a good
story. Action, adventure and amour coupled with
deception, danger and death.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008


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Monday, September 08, 2008

Elizabeth Peters

The Laughter of Dead Kings, A Vicky Bliss novel

Elizabeth Peter's books never fail to delight
and provide a period of escape into the world
of Egyptology via her characters.

In The Laughter of Dead Kings, John Smythe,
a descendant of famed Egyptologists John & Amelia and
their son Ramses, John is accused of stealing the mummy
of Tutankhamen. Together with Vicky Bliss, his paramour
they launch an international hunt to recover the remains
of the fabled Pharoah and in the process prove John's

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Paul Genesse

The Iron Dragon Series Book I The Golden Cord

The Golden Cord is suitable for young and older teens.
It's a tale of humans who live hidden in secret villages
among the tangled and thorny forests, threatened
by flying Griffons, Dragons and other flying avians,
and the two Drobin (Dwarves), traditional enemies,
who seek their help.

Drake agrees to guide the Dwarves Bellor and Thor
upon their quest to find lost members of their people
who were last seen in the region over 40 years before.

The three undertake the dangerous journey into
the dragon's lair not only to free the spirits of their
fallen comrades, but to rescue those alive or to find
out their fate. Their overall goal is to find and kill
the Dragon who would rule over and destroy the
entire world with terror.

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Scottish Author Stuart MacBride

Cold Granite, Dying Light and Bloodshot are three
gritty Scottish police novels set in the city of
Aberdeen, Scotland.

I haven't yet read Dying Light, but I did read
the other two. All three novels are centered
around Detective Logan McRae, WPC Watson,
Detective Inspector Steel and Detective Inspector

Cold Granite's storyline revolves around children
who end up either missing or killed. Someone is
stalking children and Det. Logan and the others
are set on finding the children and the perpetrator
before he kills again.

Bloodshot deals with a serial rapist who's attacking
women. The prime suspect is a local football hero
whom everyone idolizes. Despite being caught in the
act by WPC Watson as she acts as a decoy, the footballer's
lawyer turns the tables on the police making them
seem incompetent and targeting his client.

With several other cases on their hands the characters
deal with personal as well as professional blips in
the road as they race to solve and close the case of
the rapist.

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