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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Back in August after a surgery, I had several books on hand to read
and "Gormenghast" by Mervyn Peake was one of them. I know
there are fans and fan sites on the net regarding the series of books,
but I have to say I'm not one of them. I was able to view a movie
of the book many years ago and although it wasn't memorable
it was better than trying to read the book.

The stack of books I'd had to read was just as lacklustre as the
first so they aren't listed here.

I did have the pleasure of re-reading several of Ann Rule's books,
all of them a study of the worst motives in human nature.

Bitter Harvest, (Debora Green Farrar's murder of children
Timothy and Kelly, their dog(s), and the attempted murder of
daughter Kate Farrar and their father, Dr. Michael Farrar.

Too late to say Goodbye (Dorothy "Dolly Hearn &
Jennifer Corbin, both shot to death, murdered by Barton Corbin)

Small Sacrifices
(Diane Downs' murder of daughter Cheryl and the shooting of
her other children, Christie (Downs) Hugi and Daniel (Downs)

I'm planning on re-reading several other books of Ann's in
future and hope to get my hands on her newest release.

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