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Saturday, March 07, 2009

AGINCOURT by Bernard Cornwell

Agincourt - I saw Bernard Cornwell's latest novel at the library and
snapped it up because I enjoy his attention to detail, both in the
historical sense and in the dress and mores of the times he writes

Spanning the English channel, the story of NIcholas Hook takes place
both in England and in France and readers are provided with a glimpse
into what war was really like at Soissons and at Agincourt in 1415.

Following both the commoner Nicholas Hook, and the people and
events around him, and Henry V, King of England who intends to
claim the French crown, the story is told primarily from the point
of view of Nicholas.

A young man who could only wish for greater things in life, but
despairs of ridding himself of a cursed existence finds himself
achieving far more than he ever thought possible. But he also
finds that chivalry in war is for the nobles and only death or
life awaits for the commoner.

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