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Friday, August 14, 2009


A stirring tale of a dwarf child who becomes central in
the contention for a throne, and for the very existence
not only of the Dwarves, but for elves, magicians and
humans too.

German Author Markus Heitz's THE DWARVES allows
the reader to acccompany the main characters upon an
adventurous mission of the utmost importance. If you
are into fantasy, the adventure is enjoyable.

Markus Heitz has followed this International Fantasy
Bestseller with a second novel in the Dwarve series,
THE WAR OF THE DWARVES. I'm looking forward
to reading the sequel.

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Monday, August 03, 2009

Two Authors of note

Wilbur Smith - Assegai

I recently had the chance to read the latest of Wilbur Smith's novels.
As always, Smith's historical novels manage to evoke a sense of time
and place which bring his characters to life. My enjoyment in his
novels often comes from the peripheral characters he writes about.
In addition, Wilbur Smith's love of Africa, (the setting for most all of
his novels), his descriptions of the people, animals and landscapes are
vivid and draw the read in.

In Assegai, the lines between good and evil are clearly delineated
among it's principal characters and one can't help but root for the
"good guys."

Daniel Silva - The Defector

Silva's novels though seeming to be slow paced are not. The pace quickens
with the action and the stories are riveting. With an undercurrent of love
and friendship flowing through the tales of spies, hateful murder, scores to
settle in vengeance, "The Defector" doesn't have any trouble keeping the
reader's attention throughout it's pages.

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