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Monday, September 28, 2009

WRITTEN IN BONE by Simon Beckett

A forensic expert, a Scottish island,
a mystery of a burned body, hints of
old rituals and the story draws you in

The interconnections between the
islanders complicates the investigation
and also engenders another death which
also has to be solved

When the ending comes...it has a
shocking twist in the tale.

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KING'S RANSOM by Jane Beazely & Thom Lemmons

King's Ransom is a novel based upon a
true story regarding Tsar Boris II, King
of Bulgaria and events during WWII.

Although it is based upon historical
fact, there is some small measure of
"story telling."

The book takes the reader along a
tightrope that Tsar Boris had to walk
between the Russians and the Germans.
It specifically addresses the conflicts
Tsar Boris had with Adolf Hitler during
the dark days of the war regarding the
Jewish population of Bulgaria.

It tells of the means by which not only
Tsar Boris, but politicians, Jewish leaders
and church leaders circumvented the Nazi

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Ted Bell's "TSAR" ranges in location from Bermuda
to Russia, Florida and in the air. With action taking
place in dirigibles floating in the sky, the icy wastes
of the Russian landscape and at parties in Miami,
Tsar's suspense keeps one reading to see what
happens next.

The character of Alexander Hawke devolves further
into personal triumph and tragedy. One of my
favorite characters Ted Bell has created within his
Hawke series is Stokely Jones, who often
masquerades under the name of Sheldon Levy.

As usual, the evil doers (and there are many) bite
the dust and the good guys come out on top ... sort

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